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Casual Club, Serious Swag.

Zephyrs Run Club

Portland, Oregon, USA — 2019

A bit o’ swag for a running group crazy about cadence but more focused on clicking mice than pounding pavement.

A custom, Prefontaine level typeface with a classic kick but only a slightly wider-than-average kerning. 

What is a zeph-yr - 

Denoted by a simple handrawn sapling - symbol of strength in numbers, unwavering in its resistance to the elements, stronger once it’s been tested, and better looking than most of its fellow species. 

A delicate dance done together, choreographed throughout long hot days and cool evenings, culminating in a sandy discotheque of dread and sweat.

Mostly concerned about details like shadow lines, thermal efficiency & graphic standards rather than tempo, dynamic stretches, or muscle activation.

Wait until you see.....

the....(only slightly faster than average)....

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