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Brand marketing for a forest-centered development.

Wilson Townhomes

Portland, Oregon, USA — 2021

The Wilson Forest Park Townhomes sit at the edge of Portland’s largest park and one of the nation’s largest urban forests.  The architecture of the development in Northwest Portland takes cues from high density townhomes featured prominently on the East Coast.  These rowhomes, as they are often referred, afford residents the luxury of urban living with the space necessary for life outdoors.  The Wilson Townhomes also revolutionize the use of CLT (cross-laminated timber) in a single-family home development.  

Inspired by the trail blazes found throughout the park, Wildwood Trail’s blue diamond represents an avenue, the spine of the park, 33 miles long.  The bright blue mark is highly visible and its diamond shape a sharp, geometric wayfinder. A true symbol of the park, it is the catalyst for the Wilson ‘W’ brandmark.  Paired with the clean Transport typeface, the identity sits well with marketing images, floor plans, and on the website.  The W mark subtely depicts the long, narrow floor plan of a traditional rowhome and the warm caramel color evokes the warmth of the exposed wood throughout the architecture.  

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