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Refreshing the online presence for a semester abroad program in Switzerland.

Swiss Semester

Zermatt, Switzerland — 2023

Swiss Semester offers high school sophomores from schools all around the world (mostly the US) to come study in an adventurously challenging setting in Zermatt, Switzerland. Since 1986, Swiss Semester has been hosting these curious students during what was deemed by its Founder as “a down year” in high school.

Attending students study a typical advanced high school curriculum and then immerse themselves in the many surrounding outdoor opportunities for the rest of the day - hiking, climbing, ropes, road biking, skiing - all of the activities.  

JMD provided a complete brand & website refresh for the esteemed Study Abroad program - With a new website, refreshed logo, color palette, and layout, Swiss Semester is ready for it's next 30 years and its next batch of 50 students. We are really pleased to offer services to such a wonderful client in the Education space and excited about the results.

All Site photos by the talented, Alfred Schultz - @alfredschultzphotography

The brand refresh included a new bold color scheme with classic Swiss red and some analogous cool blues to match. 

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