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Semilla | Contemporary Mexican

Semilla is a food truck, dining establishment, & catering service in Charleston, South Carolina, serving up delicious Mexican-inspired dishes and tacos.  Initially conceived as Seed, Semilla (’seed’ in Spanish) evolved from a second chance opportunity for the owners (two siblings) to bring to life their vision of great tacos and Mexican food in Charleston.  

Inspired by the food carts of Mexico City and Oaxaca, the vision began with the truck. 
Tacos on wheels.  

Using a consistent typeface and color scheme, simple ads were created to help promote the new truck - all are visually aligned based on the three syllables of “Semilla” consistently displaying only 3 lines per ad.

After months of bringing unique flavors to the community via mobile food venue, the dream to open up shop became a reality.  On trend with the fast-paced food world of Charleston, Semilla opened their doors in the summer of 2018 in the Westside neighborhood.  

Semilla looks good on stuff too.  

JMD designed the full brand identity for Semilla including custom typography, food truck signage design and layout, social media marketing & copywriting, merchandise design, business cards, and website.
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