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A comprehensive brand build for a fam-tech disruptor.

School’s Out

Portland, Oregon — 2024

School’s Out employs technology in the childcare / activity scheduling space to help parents of school-aged children Search, Schedule & Share Activities for Your Kids— All In One Place.

Together with the two Founders, we worked with a team of Developers and UX/UI professionals to connect the vision with an identity and brand feel that made sense for a growing user base who needs this technology to help solve a decades-old problem.

JMD designed the identity, web presence, social channels, and typography. We developed the brand strategy for the MVP, honing in on the brand’s tone/voice, messaging and general marketing goals. As the team worked to develop the MVP, having a solid brand foundation created buy-in for all members and brought the idea to fruition through a Beta product now available in Portland Oregon (test market) and future cities. 

Actvities In.

Using high quality photography, both of children and parents, we aimed to tug at the heartstrings of the user base - busy, caring parents - while also using imagery of these busy parents displaying emotions - stress, surprise, anxiety, and most of all, happiness, in knowing their kids are happy and thriving.

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