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Renew Oregon / Living Future Fundraiser


When talking about design and architecture, often times the word ‘responsibility’ rises to the surface of the conversation. It is the goal of the architect that he or she not only provides a beautiful, functional, and safe environment for the users but also one that treads lightly - or as lightly as possible - on our environment.  It’s about impact. 

During my first year living and working as a steward of the built environment in Oregon - specifically Portland - I have realized more than ever the importance of our responsibility as architects.  It is neither a trend nor a stylistic endeavor to promote and encourage our clients to think more realistically about the life-cycles of our buildings.  Every part, every material, that is used in these structures, plays a significant role in the overall cost - not just the financial - but even moreso the cost of continually absorbing natural resources from our planet.  As designers, we associate, find patterns, and create cohesive and beautiful results. These results often take a toll on our environment, especially buildings.

Oregon has an incredible array of both natural and built environments.  Beginning in August 2014, I have had the unique opportunity to experience places which most would be lucky to see in a lifetime.  Through the small lens of an iPhone, the following paired photos aim to show forced connections between architecture and nature, all of which were taken during my first year living in Oregon.  Each photo was selected specifically for the event.  Some comparisons may rely on compositional similarities while others rely on implied differences.  Either way, every image is a moment in time when the photographer simply captured another impactful reason – another indication – of why he moved to this place. 

Bird Point, Ecola State Park | Director Park

Nehalem Bay State Park | SW 10th & Alder

Tillamook Head | The Pearl

Scappoose | NW 16th & Overton

Black Butte Ranch | Black Butte Ranch

Maxwell Point | NW 21st & Roosevelt

Mount Tabor City Park | Indigo 12 West

︎ Portland — Oregon

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