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Cutwater Design & Build Solutions is the brain child of Brian Purdy, an architect, general contractor, craftsman, and Dad looking at ways to impact the building industry.  The brand identity takes inspiration from the science behind what a cutwater does - controlling the flow of water through sharp geometry.  Through a full suite of digital assets, print collateral, & web / social presence, launching Cutwater to a busy Portland, Oregon construction market was one of the first steps in building the foundation for this company’s success. 

The main focus for the brand identity was on the custom wordmark - italicization helped reflect the forward-thinking nature of its founder and the subtle ligature of the T and W formed the shape of a cutwater - a common design element found on bridge piers to divert debris in the water.   

Letterpress business cards by Parklife Press ︎︎︎

The secondary design elements include a logomark, byline, and supporting color palette for a diverse and flexible brand image.

Natural elements throughout the Pacific Northwest influence building culture, practice and history.  The timber industry in Oregon and proximity to many rivers throughout the region allowed mills to produce lumber used for building and define an economy that still exists today.  There is a sense of pride, hustle, and a pioneer spirit that persists throughout. 

These ideals were present throughout the brand ideation and helped drive both the restrained wordmark and bold color scheme. 

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︎ Portland — Oregon

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