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 Joe McNeill — Design

Currently Practicing Restraint 


Joe McNeill is a Portland based designer
working in architecture and graphic design.

Simple ideas conceived from complex stories — your stories.

The work done at JMD is rooted in an inter-disciplinary approach to design - inspiration comes from nature and cities, art and travel, photography, sports and competition. 

With a focus on brand and identity design, past clients have included start-ups, small businesses, real estate developers, craftsmen and artisans, restaurants, sports teams, apparel designers, and teachers.   Since 2012, JMD has been helping businesses create the face of their brand - the process is inclusive, collaborative, and most of all, fun.

The opportunity to hear unique stories and understand client goals fuels the passion to create brand solutions that are beautifully crafted, stand the test of time, and thrive.

Design Services

Visual Identity
Business Cards
Marketing Collateral
Print Design
User Interface

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